The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism ✍ Shoshana Zuboff

πŸ“’ Author : Shoshana Zuboff
πŸ“’ Publisher : Profile Books
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2019-01-31
πŸ“’ Pages :
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781782832744
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“The Age of Surveillance Capitalism Detail : THE TOP 10 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'Everyone needs to read this book as an act of digital self-defense.' -- Naomi Klein, Author of No Logo, the Shock Doctrine, This Changes Everything and No is Not Enough The challenges to humanity posed by the digital future, the first detailed examination of the unprecedented form of power called "surveillance capitalism," and the quest by powerful corporations to predict and control us. The heady optimism of the Internet's early days is gone. Technologies that were meant to liberate us have deepened inequality and stoked divisions. Tech companies gather our information online and sell it to the highest bidder, whether government or retailer. Profits now depend not only on predicting our behaviour but modifying it too. How will this fusion of capitalism and the digital shape our values and define our future? Shoshana Zuboff shows that we are at a crossroads. We still have the power to decide what kind of world we want to live in, and what we decide now will shape the rest of the century. Our choices: allow technology to enrich the few and impoverish the many, or harness it and distribute its benefits. The Age of Surveillance Capitalism is a deeply-reasoned examination of the threat of unprecedented power free from democratic oversight. As it explores this new capitalism's impact on society, politics, business, and technology, it exposes the struggles that will decide both the next chapter of capitalism and the meaning of information civilization. Most critically, it shows how we can protect ourselves and our communities and ensure we are the masters of the digital rather than its slaves.

πŸ“’ Author : Ursula Huws
πŸ“’ Publisher : Springer
πŸ“’ Release Date :
πŸ“’ Pages :
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781137520425
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“Labour in Contemporary Capitalism Detail :

πŸ“’ Author : Sebastian Sevignani
πŸ“’ Publisher : Routledge
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2015-08-27
πŸ“’ Pages : 254
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781317380382
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“Privacy and Capitalism in the Age of Social Media Detail : This book explores commodification processes of personal data and provides a critical framing of the ongoing debate of privacy in the Internet age, using the example of social media and referring to interviews with users. It advocates and expands upon two main theses: First, people’s privacy is structurally invaded in contemporary informational capitalism. Second, the best response to this problem is not accomplished by invoking the privacy framework as it stands, because it is itself part of the problematic nexus that it struggles against. Informational capitalism poses weighty problems for making the Internet a truly social medium, and aspiring to sustainable privacy simultaneously means to struggle against alienation and exploitation. In the last instance, this means opposing the capitalist form of association – online and offline.

πŸ“’ Author :
πŸ“’ Publisher : BRILL
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2015-10-08
πŸ“’ Pages : 564
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9789004291393
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“Marx in the Age of Digital Capitalism Detail : This book is a key resource on the foundations of Marxist Internet and Digital Media Studies. It presents 16 contributions that show how Marx’s analyses of capitalism, the commodity, class, labour, work, exploitation, surplus-value, dialectics, crises, ideology, class struggles, and communism help us to understand the Internet and social media in 21st century digital capitalism.

The Age Of Surveillance ✍ Frank J. Donner

πŸ“’ Author : Frank J. Donner
πŸ“’ Publisher : Random House
πŸ“’ Release Date : 1980
πŸ“’ Pages : 554
πŸ“’ ISBN : UOM:39015002966623
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“The age of surveillance Detail :

Schools Under Surveillance ✍ Torin Monahan

πŸ“’ Author : Torin Monahan
πŸ“’ Publisher : Rutgers University Press
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2009-10-13
πŸ“’ Pages : 264
πŸ“’ ISBN : 0813548268
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“Schools Under Surveillance Detail : Schools under Surveillance gathers together some of the very best researchers studying surveillance and discipline in contemporary public schools. Surveillance is not simply about monitoring or tracking individuals and their dataΓΉit is about the structuring of power relations through human, technical, or hybrid control mechanisms. Essays cover a broad range of topics including police and military recruiters on campus, testing and accountability regimes such as No Child Left Behind, and efforts by students and teachers to circumvent the most egregious forms of surveillance in public education. Each contributor is committed to the continued critique of the disparity and inequality in the use of surveillance to target and sort students along lines of race, class, and gender.

Internet And Surveillance ✍ Christian Fuchs

πŸ“’ Author : Christian Fuchs
πŸ“’ Publisher : Routledge
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2013-06-17
πŸ“’ Pages : 352
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781136655272
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“Internet and Surveillance Detail : The Internet has been transformed in the past years from a system primarily oriented on information provision into a medium for communication and community-building. The notion of β€œWeb 2.0”, social software, and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have emerged in this context. With such platforms comes the massive provision and storage of personal data that are systematically evaluated, marketed, and used for targeting users with advertising. In a world of global economic competition, economic crisis, and fear of terrorism after 9/11, both corporations and state institutions have a growing interest in accessing this personal data. Here, contributors explore this changing landscape by addressing topics such as commercial data collection by advertising, consumer sites and interactive media; self-disclosure in the social web; surveillance of file-sharers; privacy in the age of the internet; civil watch-surveillance on social networking sites; and networked interactive surveillance in transnational space. This book is a result of a research action launched by the intergovernmental network COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology).

Theorizing Surveillance ✍ David Lyon

πŸ“’ Author : David Lyon
πŸ“’ Publisher : Routledge
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2006-08-01
πŸ“’ Pages : 360
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781134023592
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“Theorizing Surveillance Detail : First published in 2006. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The End Of Privacy ✍ Reg Whitaker

πŸ“’ Author : Reg Whitaker
πŸ“’ Publisher :
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2010-10-01
πŸ“’ Pages : 328
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781459604209
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“The End of Privacy Detail : Now in paperback, a sobering look at the threats to privacy posed by the new information technologies. Called ''one of the best books yet written on the new information age'' by Kirkus Reviews and now available in paperback, The End of Privacy shows how vast amounts of personal information are moving into corporate hands. Once there, this data can be combined and used to develop electronic profiles of individuals and groups that are potentially far more detailed, and far more intrusive, than the files built up in the past by state police and security agencies. Reg Whitaker shows that private e-mail can be read; employers can monitor workers' every move throughout the work day; and the U.S. Treasury can track every detail of personal and business finances. He goes on to demonstrate that we are even more vulnerable as consumers. From the familiar - bar-coding, credit and debit cards, online purchases - to the seemingly sci - -''smart cards'' that encode medical and criminal records, and security scans that read DNA - The End of Privacy reveals how ordinary citizens are losing control of the information about them that is available to anyone who can pay for it.

Surveillance And Democracy ✍ Kevin D. Haggerty

πŸ“’ Author : Kevin D. Haggerty
πŸ“’ Publisher : Routledge
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2010-07-12
πŸ“’ Pages : 272
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781136974502
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“Surveillance and Democracy Detail : This collection represents the first sustained attempt to grapple with the complex and often paradoxical relationships between surveillance and democracy. Is surveillance a barrier to democratic processes, or might it be a necessary component of democracy? How has the legacy of post 9/11 surveillance developments shaped democratic processes? As surveillance measures are increasingly justified in terms of national security, is there the prospect that a shadow "security state" will emerge? How might new surveillance measures alter the conceptions of citizens and citizenship which are at the heart of democracy? How might new communication and surveillance systems extend (or limit) the prospects for meaningful public activism? Surveillance has become central to human organizational and epistemological endeavours and is a cornerstone of governmental practices in assorted institutional realms. This social transformation towards expanded, intensified and integrated surveillance has produced many consequences. It has also given rise to an increased anxiety about the implications of surveillance for democratic processes; thus raising a series of questions – about what surveillance means, and might mean, for civil liberties, political processes, public discourse, state coercion and public consent – that the leading surveillance scholars gathered here address.