Pilgrims Of A Common Life ✍ Trevor John Saxby

πŸ“’ Author : Trevor John Saxby
πŸ“’ Publisher : Multiply Publications
πŸ“’ Release Date : 1987
πŸ“’ Pages : 207
πŸ“’ ISBN : 0836134265
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“Pilgrims of a Common Life Detail : A thorough but readable historical review of Christian Community of goods through the centuries. Essential reading for all those interested in the practice of Christian community both in the past and in the present.

πŸ“’ Author : Paul Erickson
πŸ“’ Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2001
πŸ“’ Pages : 48
πŸ“’ ISBN : 0395988411
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“Daily Life in the Pilgrim Colony 1636 Detail : Outlines the origins and purpose of the New Plymouth Colony, and details the home life, labor, material conditions, and other aspects of life for a typical family sixteen years after the colony was established.

Pathways For Pilgrims ✍ Chris King

πŸ“’ Author : Chris King
πŸ“’ Publisher : Wild Goose Publications
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2012-09-13
πŸ“’ Pages : 120
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781849522373
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“Pathways for Pilgrims Detail : A resource for individuals and groups wishing to explore the Iona Community's integrated approach to spirituality in the space of four weeks. Each week covers an area of the Community's engagement and the days include a 'community experience', a Bible reading, material for reflection, prayers and thoughts to ponder.

Pilgrims And Politics ✍ Antón M. Pazos

πŸ“’ Author : AntΓ³n M. Pazos
πŸ“’ Publisher : Routledge
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2016-04-08
πŸ“’ Pages : 222
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781317080763
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“Pilgrims and Politics Detail : The objective of this book is to analyse the historical relationships between the phenomenon of Christian pilgrimage and political power within Europe, from the Middle Ages up to the present day. It establishes a discussion in which the twelve contributors to the volume can compare very different situations, such as the medieval pilgrimages and politics in the Latin East as part of warfare and conflict resolution, the significance and reality of pilgrimages in late medieval England or in Rome during the papacy of Innocent III, the 'two-way traffic' pilgrimages in the Tuscan city of Lucca, or the pilgrimages in Eastern European countries as an aspect of opposition to communist power. A major focus is on the pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela, an important Christian sanctuary from the time of the discovery of the tomb of the apostle St James in the 9th century. Topics covered include the Way of St James as seen through medieval Muslim sources, the political reading of the apostolic cult as an ideological instrument of the propaganda of the Asturian monarchy, Santa Maria de Roncesvalles as an example of political involvement in the assistance of the Jacobean pilgrims, the Order of St John as protector of the medieval pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela, or the nationalist use of the pilgrimages as an element of national unification and internal cohesion during the Spanish Civil War. The final chapter provides a broader, global perspective on pilgrimages up to present times.

Everyday Life ✍ Walter A. Hazen

πŸ“’ Author : Walter A. Hazen
πŸ“’ Publisher : Good Year Books
πŸ“’ Release Date : 1997
πŸ“’ Pages : 96
πŸ“’ ISBN : 0673363228
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“Everyday Life Detail : Includes cross-curricular activities for each chapter.

πŸ“’ Author :
πŸ“’ Publisher :
πŸ“’ Release Date : 1833
πŸ“’ Pages :
πŸ“’ ISBN : UOM:39015065340138
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“The Spirit of the Pilgrims Detail :

πŸ“’ Author : John Bunyan
πŸ“’ Publisher :
πŸ“’ Release Date : 1838
πŸ“’ Pages :
πŸ“’ ISBN : OXFORD:590181514
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“The pilgrim s progress With notes by W Mason and a life of the author by J Conder Detail :

πŸ“’ Author : Edward J Cowan
πŸ“’ Publisher : Edinburgh University Press
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2011-06-06
πŸ“’ Pages : 336
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9780748688609
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“History of Everyday Life in Medieval Scotland Detail : This book examines the ordinary, routine, daily behaviour, experiences and beliefs of people in Scotland from the earliest times to 1600.

Chaucer S Pilgrims ✍ Laura C. Lambdin

πŸ“’ Author : Laura C. Lambdin
πŸ“’ Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group
πŸ“’ Release Date : 1999
πŸ“’ Pages : 398
πŸ“’ ISBN : 0275966291
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“Chaucer s Pilgrims Detail : Provides a detailed historical description of the occupations of each of the pilgrims in Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales," with each entry placing their vocation in historical context and discussing the daily routine of the pilgrim's occupation.

The World Within Me ✍ Peter Houghton

πŸ“’ Author : Peter Houghton
πŸ“’ Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2002
πŸ“’ Pages : 176
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781843100799
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

πŸ“The World Within Me Detail : In this thoughtful and profound account Peter Houghton charts his personal quest for the spirit. His extraordinary story is written during the time in which he had received a diagnosis of terminal heart disease and reflects on the ways in which being about to die developed his ideas about spirituality and humanity. He describes the development of his search for understanding and meaning in life from an initial sense of spiritual awareness through stages of uncertainty and despair to the ultimate formation of a unifying personal philosophy. Writing in an accessible and personalised style he discusses important questions about ethics and meaning in life, the problem of evil, and organised and personal religion, considering the ideas of Christianity and other faiths.